Something I am adamant about, that I always discuss, are the benefits of training the mind. While the body can change form, shape and size, withstand extreme conditions and achieve many physical goals, it’s the mind that needs convincing first. Once the mind believes whats possible, working together with the body, goals can be better, more effectively achieved. While our bodies are strong, capable and quite frankly spectacularly working machines, the mind is still the boss. When the mind says it can’t happen, guess what?  It won’t happen. But, when the mind says YES! Yes I can! Behold the amazing things you can do. How many medical miracles have we been exposed to, stories of healing, overcoming the odds and surviving incidents that should not have been survived? There are thousands of books, videos and articles on such mysterious miracles. I have been through my own personal perseverance that, without my faith, without working on my mind, without consistently training my brain, I may not have made it here today to share my experiences.

To train the mind means to wash away the doubts, fears and excuses.  To eliminate “I can’t” and instill “I can”.  To dig deep inside and find true value, worth, abilities and gifts. To see the beauty of positive thinking and how it can affect your entire life. To see the incredible chain reaction healthy living in body and mind can have on existing (and not yet existing) relationships. Training the mind takes time. Like anything else, it is a progression.  Building it, nurturing it and being patient while consistent. I believe to experience any true progression, any physical goal, begins with your thoughts. Because everyone has a unique mindset, everyone will start from a different point. Some mindsets are already positive, driven, fearless and fueled with “I can” statements. Some mindsets are revolving, positive, negative, positive, negative-never quite tipping in either direction. Some mindsets are so distorted, usually from terrible experiences or circumstances, that they can not even conjure a positive thought, Their minds are full of “I can’t” and “Not me” statements, constantly complaining, seeing the negative and completely unaware of anything good in their life.

In many cases, I make it part of my practice to incorporate training the mind. There are many ways to accomplish mind training,from developing personal affirmations to performing specific exercises. I have numerous programs, books and published methods I recommend that are highly effective. As with anything I recommend, I always make sure I have tried and approved it for myself first. For instance, if I recommend a book, it is not only because it has received great accolades and reviews, it is because I have read it and it has made me better in some way. Anything that can make you better, even a little bit, is worth taking some time to try. Be A Better You in mind and body.


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