The Be Better Movement is an action based movement intended to begin a chain reaction to inspire others to be better. In light of the negativity, violence, selfishness, manipulation, attacks, bigotry, terror, abuse and disarray we are consistently exposed to, The Be Better Movement encourages people to do something to make themselves better or something that will make someone else better. If we focused just a few moments a day doing something to better ourselves, our environment, our home, our community, our spouse, our children, our co-workers and so on, not only would we feel better, we would start a chain reaction of positive moments. I have seen first-hand that when we do things to make ourselves better, others take notice. People become inspired by those who are taking actions to improve themselves. The prime example here is children watching their parents. I know when my boys see me planking, they immediately want to plank too. When they see me drinking a protein shake, they want to have one too. This applies to our family, our friends and our entire network of people. Anything you can do to improve your quality of life and those around you are motivating and beneficial.
So what is an example of a “be better” action? It is easier than you might think. Even the smallest actions can make you better! Yes eating healthy, exercising and taking care of our body is great, but there are so many more things to do! Smile more. Forgive someone. Compliment someone. Take a walk. Be kind to someone who is unkind, if only for a moment. Drink more water. Share a healthy recipe with friends and family, maybe they will pass it on. Call a friend you have been missing. Help a stray dog. Buy someone a cup of coffee. Recycle. Write your child a note that you are proud of them and hide it in their lunchbox. Take a picture of your action or write a blurb and post it with the hash tag #BeBetterMovement. One person’s inspiring action is more powerful than you can imagine.
With social media so prominent, we are exposed to everything. We see videos of people getting beat up; we see acts of hate, negativity, destruction of property, animal abuse and so many other horrific things. None of this is beneficial; none of these things will make the world better and certainly won’t make us better human beings. It is abundantly clear that change is needed and change always must start within. Start where you are. Start slow and simple. The tiniest spark can ignite a blaze of positive change!




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