I wrote an Instagram post today which inspired me to write this blog.  This is significant because I haven’t written in quite some time so I will call this small step a victory and make it something I am proud of.  I love to write and when I don’t make the time to do so, I am missing out on something that makes my life better.  Sure it may not be so noticeable, until I actually sit down and do it.  It makes me feel good and accomplished.  It makes me think that maybe, just maybe, there is someone, somewhere who has read what I have written and it has somehow helped them in some way.  Maybe what I have written has inspired or motivated one person.  Maybe it has given one person hope.  When you love doing something, you should do more of it.  If it makes you feel good, enhances your life or the lives of others, then that makes it a victory so just keep doing it!

Small victories are indeed significant.  It is small consistent actions that often lead to big results and that is the significance of small victories.  Making small changes that better your life and being consistent in following them will help you get results and reach goals.  Small victories apply to every aspect of your life. 

A small victory for your health could mean replacing one soda with water.  This seems so insignificant, so minor, but if you drink 3 sodas a day and replace one of those a day with a water you are actually cutting out *41 grams of sugar daily.  I mean seriously, 41 grams of sugar a day, by making one tiny change.  That is a victory.

Are you a smoker?  A pack a day?  Cut out 2 cigarettes daily.  This may not seem like a lot, but if you have been smoking a pack a day for 10 years it is most certainly a small victory, just ask anyone who smokes.

Did you ever want to learn something new?  Maybe a new language?  Pick a language, teach yourself 2 words every day. In a few months, chances are you will be very good at understanding and speaking a new language.  Each day that you teach yourself 2 new words you have 2 new victories. 

Small changes applied consistently that improve your mind, body or spirit often lead to big results.

I am a huge advocate of mind over matter.  I believe in inspiration, motivation and self talk. This is why celebrating the small victories and being proud of them is so important. Being consistent in these habits will only further your progress, make your goals more attainable and keep your mind healthy.  We are only human and sometimes we fall into bad habits.  Some of us recognize these habits and choose when we want to break them and return to the better ones.  Sometimes it takes a while to realize we have fallen into an unhealthy cycle. The beauty of life is that each second we have the ability to start over.  Every single second that we breathe, we have the opportunity to begin again, start something new, change anything in our lives.  We can, at any age, any time, any season, kick unhealthy habits.  By Unhealthy I mean any action that may jeopardize the well-being of mind, body and spirit.

I believe that the small, consistent actions every day is the only way to truly break a bad habit.  Make a plan, set goals, choose the actions you need to take to reach those goals and work at it every single day.  Consistency is key.  If you have developed some unhealthy habits, if you have thrown caution to the wind and eaten too much, if you have skipped the gym to sleep in, if you have missed church all summer long, been procrastinating writing that book, slacking at work or whatever it is that you could Be Better at, today is the day to start.  Today start celebrating your small victories. Today is the day to make a plan, set the goals and take action.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Break the unhealthy habits, celebrate your small victories and be on your way to a Better you.  


*Sugar Content provided by Pepsi.com for a 12 oz can of Pepsi



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