During the Holidays there are more than enough reasons to feel stressed. Every year it seems to cause a bigger headache trying to keep up with the holiday hustle. All of the merriment of the season falls to the wayside, replaced with time constraints, financial burden and stress. The decorating, shopping, cooking, school events, work events and celebrations with family can all contribute to feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Add in the growing gift list and trying to make your way through the mall after Thanksgiving and you will probably want to hide until New Year’s Day.

Of course just as much as they can be stressful, they can also be fun. Either way, it is important to remember to always put your health first, especially during periods of high stress. Being run down and over-extended during this season, which is also the flu season, is certainly not going to help you be more productive. Chances are you are going to be even more susceptible to catching a cold, or worse! Keeping your immune system boosted will give you a great chance at surviving the holiday season, physically and emotionally!

Here are my TOP THREE TIPS to save yourself from heartburn, heartache and a headache during the holidays!

1-Watch Your Wallet-

There’s absolutely NO reason to over spend on gifts, food or decorations. With all the new technology, you can be a super savvy saver! Look for the sales, there are tons of online stores that are competing or the best price! It is also beneficial to use the money saving apps you can download to your smart phone. There are tons of cash back and coupon clipping apps you can find for free. Also, remember, you have to shop within your means. Your loved ones certainly do not want you to overspend and get yourself into debt, so let the guilt go and give what you can. It truly is the thought that counts, after all. Be wise with your spending this holiday season and save yourself the headache in January!

2-Stop the Stress-

Yes the holidays can be stressful but only if you choose to overdo it. You don’t have to go to every party, dinner and brunch. You can say NO. You don’t have to get the tallest Christmas tree, or have the biggest brightest lights on the street. Don’t kill yourself trying to keep up with the Jones’s! Remember what your holiday is about. Reflect on the true spirit of your holiday, the magic and the time you get to spend with your loved ones. Save yourself the heartache!

3- Christmas Cookies still have Calories-

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean the calories don’t count! I believe in enjoying yourself but please do not allow yourself a two month pass. You will only feel awful, send your body into havoc, gain weight and be upset with yourself! Avoid the heartburn, don’t over-eat!


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