BABY STEPS; A Realistic Guide to Being a Better You

Author: Maria Faller

A Paperback Original

Genre: Self Help

46 pages

ISBN: 9781728867175

Price: $9.99

I have no time; the self-sabotaging phrase stopping you from success.

BABY STEPS is for the overextended moms, the double shift working dads, the hustling entrepreneurs, and anyone in between who struggles with how to begin and continue working on their health.  This short, straightforward book provides realistic information, tips and guidance necessary for people to start making small but significant changes that will improve their physical and emotional health.  

Highlights of BABY STEPS include:

  • How to carve out time for your health.
  • The 4 reality checks you need to own when working toward a goal.
  • What not to do when working on your health.
  • Practical fitness and nutrition tips to get you started on being a better you.  
  • Learning how to make the changes necessary to fit into your current lifestyle without being forced to further overwhelm yourself.

About the Author

Find the time or you will be out of time.   These are the words that catapulted Maria Faller into the world of wellness.  In 2009 she suffered with an unknown severe illness, was misdiagnosed and wrongly medicated for months, forcing her to advocate for herself.  When finally diagnosed with Celiac disease, she fought her way back to health with nutrition, fitness and mindfulness.   It has since become her passion to share with others her story of survival as well as teach others the importance of self-advocacy and care. 

Maria is an elite trainer certified with the International Sports Science Association.  She is certified in fitness training, youth fitness training, nutrition consulting and is also a certified wellness coach.  Maria is the founder and leader of the Be Better Wellness Retreat.  She holds a degree in Psychology and English from Hofstra University and is currently booking speaking engagements.

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