What does Negativity do to you?  Does it drown you? Does it make it hang your head in shame? Does it make you curl up in sadness? Does it make you cringe with fear? Negativity from others can be so very exhausting. People who are unhappy with themselves, people who are sad, people who are hurt and people who are scared all can radiate negativity. It takes less energy to be negative, complain, jump on the negative express and join others in their negative banter.  In fact, I have found at times that when I try to turn a negative conversation into a positive one, I am not taken seriously. This can be disheartening, frustrating and difficult to get past, especially with people we love.

The way I see it, negativity can drown you or it can drive you. When we get caught up in excessive negative thinking, complaining and concern about what others think about us, our actions tend to follow. We become lazy, solemn, unmotivated, we get easily offended, feel angry and we procrastinate.  Sometimes we become reckless with our health and we may smoke, drink too much or overeat. All of these negative thoughts, lead to negative actions that will lead to a negative life. Negative thoughts become a constant tune playing over and over again in our mind. The more this song plays, the harder it is to forget it.

There are many reasons to have a negative attitude.  Things like being surrounded by negative people, a bad childhood, an illness, unemployment or an abusive relationship. These hardships make negative thoughts easy to entertain. “I never catch a break”, I’ll Never lose this weight”, I’m just not good enough” or “There is no hope for me,I am too old”. Do any of these sound familiar? We can choose to let other people drive our negative thoughts further.  How many times have we heard “Did you see how bad her haircut is” or “why bother saving for that house, it is too expensive”? We can choose to join in, how easy is it to do that? We can choose to allow others negative comments drown us, stop us from becoming who we are meant to be. We can jump on that negative express and ride it to a more negative future.


We can choose different. We can choose to put faith in ourselves, choose to be the light amidst the darkness, choose to smile,and choose to let the negativity of others DRIVE us into success. We all are meant for greatness. We were made to do amazing things and to be happy. Changing the thought process is not easy, it takes effort and consistency. It is so worth it. A positive mindset will lead to positive actions and will deliver a positive life. Let the people who are spreading around negativity inspire you to be different. Let their words roll off your back and push you to be even better. No one can tell you who you are or what your future holds. Use your words and energy for lifting others. Speak love, success, health and abundance into yourself.

Maybe you have had a few bad breaks. Maybe you had a bad childhood or you are currently unemployed. Maybe you didn’t get the medical results you were hoping for. Do not allow yourself to get caught up in negative thoughts. Negative will attract more negative! Put your positive pants on and figure it out. No job? Start filling out applications. Overweight? Start eating better and exercising. Bad childhood? Give your own child a great childhood filled with love and happiness. Bad medical report? Take the necessary steps to get healthier. Keep your mindset positive and driven to success in all areas of your life. I believe that when you put positive energy out there is will come back to you. Believe in yourself, believe in the power of positive thoughts and believe that you can accomplish anything.


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