Believe it or not, some people really hate the gym. I know, I know. Hate the gym?! That is crazy talk! But actually, it’s not. It is more common than you may think. So often I am told that the gym atmosphere is just too much.  Too much noise.  Too much skin.  Too intimidating.  Too many people.  Too many options. Too much confusion. When you really think about it, the gym can be very confusing, intimidating and scary, especially for those who have never worked out in a gym. Does that mean someone should forget fitness all together? Maybe just stick to walking? Possibly use their home gym without guidance?

Absolutely not. This is where you find a personal fitness trainer. A person you can connect with, feel comfortable with and trust to help you reach your fitness goals. A personal trainer who will come to your home, speak with you in depth about your goals your fears and your weaknesses, layout a plan with a timeline, teach you the proper and safe way to exercise, push you and support you every step of the way. A personal trainer will motivate and inspire you, keep your information and conversations confidential and also be your #1 fan. The area of expertise a personal trainer can provide in helping you attain your goals is well beyond simply watching a few videos or walking a few times a week. While I always say, any movement is better than no movement, if you are looking to change your body, lose weight, gain muscle, tone up or trim down, you will need more than a You-Tube video to get there.

Top Reasons to Use a Personal trainer:

1-ACCOUNTABILITY!!!  Do you want to call your trainer and tell her that you skipped your cardio? I don’t think you do. Remember this, your trainer has a vested interest in your health and in helping you achieve your goals! She will do whatever it takes to make sure you are working your end of the deal. You are paying your trainer! This will definitely make you more likely to get your workouts in and less likely to quit – money spent is a great motivation to work out.

2-EXPERTISE. Sure you could watch a video or follow a workout you saw on Pinterest. Unfortunately that does not mean that you can perform those exercises safely and with proper form.  A trainer will ensure you have your spine in alignment, your movements correct and that you are not hyper extending. You are far less likely to hurt yourself with a trainer. Also, a trainer will know when to modify your workouts to your progression. You will not be following some generic workout, your workout will be tailored to your needs, injuries, limitations and goals.

3-A trainer will make you SWEAT! You may be working hard and you may be pushing yourself but a trainer will push you harder. With a trainer by your side you are less likely to skip a rep, lower the weight or stop your workout early. Try a trainer for 10 sessions and you will feel and see a difference.

Forget the crowds. Save the Commute. Skip the confusion. Contact Be A better You Fitness today for a free phone consultation to see if in home personal training is right for you.


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