The idea behind #BeBetter stems not only from my personal experiences, but the experiences, struggles and triumphs of others. Unlike many programs, Being Better does not begin with, nor focus on achieving an amazing physique, although through out your journey your body will improve, that is not the end all be all.  Being Better begins with your thoughts and your actions. Being Better starts inside and then works it’s way out.  Being Better will inspire others around you to be better, sparking a flame that will slowly spread like wildfire.  And it starts with you.

Being Healthy in mind, body and spirit is the ultimate trifecta.  It is so important to understand that healthy looks good and healthy feels good, but healthy feels different for and looks different on everyone.  For some women healthy may look like a shredded size 2, but for others a curvy size 14.  While some men may feel healthy with a large, muscular, bodybuilders physique, others may feel healthy with simply stable blood pressure and cholesterol.  Some people feel healthy when they are relaxed, stress free and joyful, while others feel healthy when they are achieving goals. You see, healthy encompasses many things, so to implement a one size fits all plan will not deliver results in weight loss, muscle gain, wellness, emotional stability or anything else.

Everyone has a desire to be better.  It is the how and the why that is conflicting for people.  The how-How can I be better?  The why- Why do i want to be better?  Only you can answer these questions and unfortunately the truth is not always served with cookies and milk. The truth may shake you to your core.  Th truth might slap you in the face.  You have to be brutally honest with yourself. Until you are ready for that, you can start here:

1-Smile. Believe it or not, when you wake up and smile to yourself you are setting a tone for your day.  Smiling when you get up is a small way of saying-Yes it’s going to be a great day. Then smile at someone else! Not only will you feel good-as smiling has been scientifically proven to release endorphin’s and serotonin,- (check it out at www.psychologytoday.com), but you will look good, and make others feel good too!

2-Choose Better. Better foods, better friends, better experiences. When we choose better, we feel better, we look better, we radiate. Better foods (less junk, more good stuff) for our physical health, Better people (give the boot to negative friends, leaches and haters) for our emotional health and better experience (what can make you happy, make you money, help you achieve more)  for our overall trifecta.

3-Be Kind. When we are kind, genuinely kind, to ourselves and others, we feel good, make others feel good and inspire others to be kind in return.

These 3 simple actions may seem small and ordinary, but putting them into practice daily and often will prove to have a big impact!


Search for the hashtag #Bebetter on social media for more information, ideas and tips.  Use the hashtag #BeBetter on social media to share how you are being a better you.  Tag me to share your experiences, efforts and inspiring stories @Beabetteryoufit on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!



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