The human body has the amazing capability to adapt. The human body responds to changing environmental stresses biologically. We acclimate to a wide range of temperatures, humidity and altitudes. In high altitudes, our bodies acclimate so that our cells will receive enough oxygen. Our bodies also acclimate in physiological ways to internal and external stresses such as infections, germs, air and water pollution, nutritional changes and exercise. We are adapt to our “routines”.  What we eat and what we do for movement, after a certain period of time, our body becomes accustomed to. Have you ever been on a successful diet with consistent weight loss and then just plateaued? This is your body’s way of telling you one of two things. 1-Your body has adapted to your current regimen and you need to change it. 2-You are at a healthy point, a healthy weight, a healthy muscle mass, a healthy body that you should stay in for a while. Many times, you will know the difference between the two.

If you find yourself struggling with making gains, losing weight, changing the shape or size of your body after you have had a period of success then it is time to look at modifying your plan. Sometimes it can be as simple as changing your meals and other times your entire regimen needs an overhaul. Looking and feeling healthy is a sure fire way to induce confidence, spend less time at the doctor and live a more fulfilling lifestyle. Keep the frustrations at bay by switching things up at the gym and in the kitchen. Change your proteins, starches and healthy fats. If you are a cardio lover, try switching it up from steady state to high intensity.  If you love weights, change your moves up!  Try super-sets, drop sets or even giant sets. Whatever you need to do to make the changes, just do it! In a short time you may be pleasantly surprised.

If you find you are still not getting the desired results, utilize a professional to put you on the right track. Remember, our bodies are ever evolving. You will get there!



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